Amsterdam Drones (UAV) Declaration

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/1st December 2018, Drone Market Watch™/ EASA recently published the first formal Opinion on safe operations for small drones in Europe. Patrick Ky, EASA’s Executive Director said: “this regulation will enable the free circulation of drones and a level playing field within the European Union, while also respecting the privacy and security of EU citizens, and allowing the drone industry to remain agile, to innovate and continue to grow”.

During Amsterdam Drone Week 2018 the “Amsterdam Declaration” is published which states the priorities for EASA and their European members for the coming year. Amsterdam Drone Week is the first official European platform for users, manufacturers, services and regulators, that unites the brightest and most creative minds of the drone (UAV) Industry. Amsterdam is the center where the global drone (UAV) industry meets. Launching the first Amsterdam Drone Week, this unique initiative is an events festival co-created by the European drone (UAV) industry, connecting science and regulatory bodies, corporates and startups. Attracting senior level industry peers and business leaders across multiple events, Amsterdam Drone Week welcomes the most engaged UAV audience.

Declaration you may download from here: Amsterdam Drone (UAV) Declaration

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