Rokubun Launched on the Market its GNSS-based Accurate Affordable Geo-location Solution ARGONAUT

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/23rd November 2017, Xavier Banqué and DRONE MARKET WATCHTM/ Current navigation systems for  drones (UAVs) are still affected by many practical  problems  as  the  slow  time  to  first  fix  (up  to  a  few minutes), poor or no availability of GNSS signal, slow dynamics and  poor  accuracy  as  well  as  the  lack  of  a  reliable  heading indication. These problems may be critical to professional users.

If high geo-location precision at a truly affordable price is what your business needs, then the ARGONAUT receiver + PaaS of Barcelona’s innovative start-up company Rokubun is a perfect solution to fit your budget and provide you with decimetric geo-location accuracy.

 ARGONAUT is a GNSS-based accurate affordable geo-location solution: accurate positioning meets scalability. It provides with the means to register external events (CAMERA events…) with microseconds resolution that leads to decimetric geo-location accuracy of those events. The solution consists in two parts (that can work independently of each other, though they achieve optimal performance when combined):
- ARGONAUT Receiver (data logger): GNSS chipset + IMU. It has been specially designed to outstand in several aspects its similar devices (better signal quality, real multi-constellation with GPS+GLONASS antenna, event capturing port…). The unitary price tag for the device is: 350€
- ARGONAUT Positioning-as-a-Service (PaaS): After data acquisition, use our cloud platform, which improves geo-location accuracy (track or any registered external events such as image acquisitions) by an order of magnitude, reaching horizontal accuracies < 20cm (guarantee < 0.5 m) Price: depends on intensity of use (ask for quotation)
ARGONAUT is specially suited for drone based photogrammetry, mapping and surveying and remote sensing applications, allowing the drone operators to get a good quality final ortho-rectified product without the need of ground control points (GCP) nor GNSS base station. Our solution is plug’n’play compatible with main drone controllers (Pixhawk, ArduPilot…) and payloads (SLR cameras, Micasense). 

About Rokubun

Rokubun (from the Japanese word for Sextant, 六分儀 or 'Rokubungi') is a market oriented R&D company established in 2015 after being awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubator Programme. The company is led by two seasoned Telecommunication engineers with more than 25 years of aggregated experience in the fields of Navigation and Earth Observation based. The company focuses on research and development of accurate and innovative navigation solutions targeted to the mobile market. Its vision is to democratize precise geo-location with solutions for the real life. Rokubun current development targets real-time seamless accurate and affordable geo-location solutions to meet the increasing market demand from segments such as drones, automated vehicles, precision farming or smart logistics. More information about Rokubun you can read here:

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Drone Market Watch™ is delivering strategic insight about emerging commercial and civil drone (UAV) markets. We partner with our customers to provide research and consulting reports in areas appropriate to their specific requirements. Our primary focus is drone (UAV) manufacture, software development, infrastructure inspection, renewable power plants inspection, oil and gas industry inspection, filming and media, agriculture aerial crop analysis, transport and delivery, first responder markets, etc. More information about Drone Market Watch™ you can read here:

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