Cyberhawk Completes First Inspection in South America

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/23rd May 2018, Cyberhawk/ Cyberhawk’s team was approached to conduct a close visual inspection (CVI) of an elevated flare stack at an onshore refinery in South America. Prior to their UAV inspection (which was required because the flare was not burning correctly) an initial inspection of the flare stack had taken place with a ground camera and it was deemed that the entire flare tip should be replaced.

Because the level of detail and the views available from the ground camera were limited, the refinery operator sought a second, more detailed inspection and thus opted for a CVI using drones. Cyberhawk’s mobilised to South America and completed the full inspection within one day, with over 600 images, including thermal imagery, captured.

After generating a detailed inspection report, it was deemed that a flare tip replacement was not required at this stage and all that was needed was to renew the pilot burners. This intervention has allowed the client to postpone a shutdown by several months, and means that a longer shutdown can be undertaken, where deeper maintenance can be carried out. UAVs can be used to monitor the flare system until that time. The client was extremely impressed with the results from the inspection and is looking to utilise Cyberhawk’s UAV inspection services ahead of future planned shutdowns.

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Image credit: Cyberhawk

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