Spain Presented Strategic Plan for the Development of the Civil Drone (UAV) Sector for the 2018-2021

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/4th April 2018, HEMAV/ Almost three months after the approval of the new drone law, the Spanish Minister for Public Works and Transport, Íñigo de la Serna, presented on March 19 the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Civil Drone Sector for the 2018-2021 period, with a cross- and multidisciplinary approach, which places special emphasis on innovation and technological development.

In view of the significant growth expectations of the sector, which is expected to increase thirty-fold over the next 15 years, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has proposed with this Plan pioneer in Europe to define and organise the framework for action to improve the competitiveness and the leadership of the Spanish companies in the sector, facilitating their positioning as an international reference in this field. To this effect, four strategic axes have been identified, which are structured around 8 strategic lines and materialise in 29 specific initiatives.

1) The first axe focuses on the regulatory aspects and it aims at facilitating the implementation of the regulation adopted last December and of the future European law.
2) The second axe includes the actions and measures designed to strengthen the companies in the sector thanks to the boost given to R&D.
3) The third axe focuses on improving the sector’s knowledge through the dissemination and management of knowledge.
4) The fourth axe covers the coordination actions among the different administrations.

Carlos Ferraz, Hemav’s co-founder and Innovation Director, was present at the event, providing his vision of the sector and explaining the technological advances that drones bring to the different industries. Íñigo de la Serna highlighted Hemav’s project in Mina de la Hermida in Cantabria. The Plan is not closed yet, and until the 30th of April all the interest parties can take part in an open consultation process by sending their proposals and comments to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Original article text may read here: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport presents the Strategic Plan for the Civil Drone Sector in 2018-2021

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