Parachute Systems for Drones (UAVs)

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/28th February 2018,  DRONE MARKET WATCHTM/ A lot happened in the global drone (UAV) industry in 2017, the sector is definitely maintaining a fast growth rate. As more aircraft fills the sky, the need for security is greater than ever. Drones (UAVs) are everywhere. As more and more people use drones, it has become the mission of the flight regulations authorities in many countries to ensure that drone (UAV) owners are operating in a peaceful and safe manner.

As there continue to be more and more drones in the sky, everyone must take the safety of their aircraft into their hands. It’s now possible to prevent the risk of physical injuries when commercial or civil drones (UAVs) suddenly plummet from the skies mid-flight. A number of manufactures or integrators provide systems that deploy a parachute to safely bring a falling drone back to earth. The purpose of these parachute systems is to reduce danger to people and property on the ground. To ensure that the parachute deploys in time to prevent a crash at low altitudes, some of these systems shoot out the chute with a gust of pressurized gas.

Drone (UAV) parachute systems usually use on-board sensors to monitor a drone’s flight. Parachute is usually attached to the top of a drone (UAV) and uses an independently powered chip to detect when the drone (UAV) goes into freefall. If the unit detects unsafe conditions a parachute is automatically deployed. Because the system works automatically there is no need for the drone’s operator to trigger the parachute. This automatic capability is especially critical when the drone (UAV) is beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Drone (UAV) parachute systems can be mounted to a variety of existing commercial and civil drones (UAVs) in the same way as other payload like cameras.

Drone (UAV) flight and safety regulations tighten up in some countries (USA, UK, Germany, France etc.). Most drone (UAV) parachute system manufacturers have consequently released new products to keep up with the above-mentioned reglations.

Image credit: SkyCat Pro Emergency Parachute System for Drones
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